When Will Hillary Announce That She is Running for President in 2016?

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It’s not going to come as a surprise.  So, when is Hillary Clinton going to announce that she is running for President of the United States in 2016?  And why is she waiting?

Recent Presidential Races have proven to be more media driven than ever before, and by announcing that she will be running for office, Hillary would be open to an even higher level of public scrutiny than she already is, and will have to manage gracefully during her 2016 campaign.  Currently filling the role of Secretary of State, with her fellow Democrat Barack Obama as President, announcing that she is running for president would only be a distraction before it needs to be.  And once she makes that special announcement, you can certainly expect anything she touches to become overshadowed by her next endeavor.

Before we get to far into her candidacy, and the circus it has the potential to become, we should answer your question.  We expect that Hillary Clinton to announce that she is running for President in mid-2015.  Meanwhile, it will become more and more evident that she is gearing up for the fight of a lifetime.  With the Republican’s eager to take back the White House, and the potential to become the first female President of the United States of America, Hillary is most likely already preparing her campaign strategy.

Why is She Waiting?

Hillary Clinton knows that by running for President, she will be under the microscope of media Worldwide for a long period of time.  With a job still at hand in her current position, she simply cannot afford to publicly announce her plans.  Additionally, the sooner that she announces her intentions, the sooner that the opposition can begin running slander campaigns, and using her words out of context in their best interest.  The anti-campaign has become as important as campaigning for the party you represent in recent elections, which is part of what makes it so difficult when deciding who to vote for.

If you can’t really trust either party due to all of the slander in both directions, is it a wise decision to vote?  We think not.  Unfortunately, there is no real transparency left in government at the highest level, which means that your vote is really going towards one particular agenda either way.  The act of voting is meaningful to many, but pointless to all.

If you do support Hillary Clinton announcing her plans to run for President, how can you show your support?  Voting for who you want to win the 2016 election online is a free and easy way to voice your opinion.

Vote For Hillary Online

As we compile our official list of candidates for 2016,  you will be able to vote online for the president here.  This is a mock online poll for everyone – registered voters, adults, kids, students, those from foreign countries – anyone!  Once Hillary officially announces that she is running for President, you will be able to cast your vote for free!

Should You Vote?

Russell Brand has proven that he knows quite a bit about politics, and isn’t just some sill comedian who will be making jokes about the 2016 election.  Instead, Brand gave a brilliant interview explaining the viewpoint of millions of Americans who wonder if they should even vote in the next Presidential election.  Why vote when both candidates leave much to be desired?

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While there are plenty who would vehemently defend the voting process in the United States, those who really examine the protocols realize that the public really isn’t given much of a choice.  Many poll goers are simply left to vote for the presidential candidate that they feel is less evil.

Should you vote in the 2016 election?  You have a few years to make your decision, but if there is no revolution like Brand suggests, it may just be a wasted trip to the polling location.

Does Voting Even Matter?

Not necessarily.  The electoral college is the body that actually elects the next President – not the people.  While they do typically side with the majority in any given state, they are not obligated by law to do so, and have historically voted against the masses in close elections.

Regardless of whether you chose to vote Republican or Democrat on election day 2016, your vote won’t really count.  Sorry, but it’s true.  Thankfully, there are sites like this that allow you to show the entire world who you would vote for – without the hassle of going to a local voting location.

Vote Online Instead

Vote Online for the President in our mock online poll without wasting more than 30 seconds of your precious time.  Unlike the political superpowers, we simply want to show the world who would win if there was actually a fair election where the popular vote winner gets elected.  We’ll be updating the voting options for new candidates as they announce their intent to run for President in 2016.

Who will be the 2016 Presidential Candidates?

With the government shutdown behind us as of November 16th, the focus of the 2016 presidential election will start to once again make headlines.  You can expect potential candidates show signs that they will officially put their name in the hat to become the next President of the United States of America.   Unlike the last election where Barack Obama was re-elected, the presidential election in 2016 will feature a new candidate from each party.  Predictions of who may be the Democratic and GOP presidential candidates in the next election have already started rumors around Washington – and it appears that some of these predictions just may be correct.

Hillary Clinton previously shied away from the fact that she may want to run for President in 2016, but more recently, has seemed to take the first steps for what would surely be a fierce campaign for the White House.  Beyond the potential for Hillary Clinton to become the first female President of the United States, keeping a democrat at the helm for at least another 4 years would be a huge win for the Democratic party.  After decades of trading off between the Red and Blue Presidents calling the White House home, Hillary is aiming to extend the democratic run.

The GOP Presidential Candidate for 2016 isn’t as clearly defined quite yet.  Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and even Chris Christie of New Jersey all appear to be considering running for President.  Many see this mish-mosh of potential GOP candidates to be another sign that the party is unorganized and has no clear direction.  Supporters are brushing off what others are calling confusion, suggesting that it’s too early for either party to begin campaigning for 2016, and that more focus should be placed on the current leaders in power.

Can Republicans Get More Votes?

There is no denying that the Republican party needs to get more votes in 2016, but can they?  Early in President Obama’s second term, the Republicans have successfully swayed the country to drop his approval rating significantly, primarily by striking fear over Obamacare going into effect.  The Government shutdown of October 2013 will not be remembered by anyone as being the fault of the GOP party, but instead will blame the Democrats who were in power when it took place despite the facts.  You can expect to see tactics like these used by the opposing parties, and eventually the Presidential Candidates for 2016.

Once the 2016 election campaigns officially begin, we can expect both parties to fight hard until the votes for President are tallied.  Both sides will try to make the American Voters question their opponent, while instilling confidence in their own political party.  We aren’t likely to know who the 2016 Presidential Candidates officially will be until the middle of next year, but the media will be watching very closely to confirm any previous predictions until then.

2016 Presidential Candidate Voting Online

Just like the government, we took a break after the last election – but soon you will be able to vote online for who you want the 2016 candidates to be in our mock poll.  As news of potential 2016 Presidential Candidates continues to increase, we will add bios and voting options for each name we hear.  Remember, at Vote For the President Online, anyone can participate – Students, Foreign Citizens, and of course those who are registered to vote as well!

2016 Presidential Race

Barack Hussein Obama will retain his Presidential office for another four years after winning the 2012 Election, but we continue to look forward to see what the future may have in store for the United States.  The recent election was tight up until the very end, coming down to key swing states and a small poll of electoral votes.  There is no doubt that the Republican party is already trying to determine who they should nominate as their Presidential candidate in 2016 – but who will run for the GOP in four years?

There is already strong speculation about who will run for President in 2016, for both the democratic and republican parties.  While we are still years away from official nominations at the national conventions, both sides are already working on putting the best candidate forth in the next election.  Republican President George W. Bush served eight years from 2000 to 2008, and Democrat Obama will hold the office from 2008 until 2016.  Many names are already being tossed around for the 2016 election, but you shouldn’t expect to see any official announcements for quite a while.

While no official presidential candidate announcements for 2016 are expected for years to come, many political experts and correspondents already think that they know who will be running.  Below are some of the top contenders for the 2016 Presidential Election Race.  We will continue to bring you the most updated news about local and national elections so that you can make the most informed decision possible when it comes time to vote for the President in 2016.

GOP Candidates for 2016

Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and Sarah Palin are all potential Republican candidates for the 2016 Presidential race.  The GOP will fight hard to put forth the best candidate for President for 2016 after a very difficult election race in 2012.  Mitt Romney’s disappointing loss has sparked a fire under the GOP to do all they can to win the 2016 election and take complete control over Washington.

Chris Christie appears to be the best qualified candidate as of now, but Marco Rubio will make his case that he should be the next President of the United States in the coming years.  Sarah Palin has become famous for much more than politics, with her recent reality tv shows and public appearances, leading many to think that the American people wouldn’t take her seriously if she were to get the Republican nomination in 2016.

Democratic Candidates for 2016

Hillary Clinton, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are leading the way for democratic presidential nominees in 2016.  Clinton could become the first female President of the United States if she ran, and won the election in four years.  Tim Kaine does stand a chance of surprising the American people by winning the Democratic nomination, but currently wouldn’t be considered a front runner.

When is Election Day 2016?

Whether you plan to support Hillary in 2016, or will vote for whoever the GOP candidate may be, you need to know when Election Day date will be.  Election Day in 2016 will be Tuesday, November 8th.  Mark your calendars now, and be sure to register to vote online far in advance of the election.  In four years, it may be possible to vote for the President Online, rather than making the trip to your local polling location.  Check back here to stay up to date with all of the 2016 Presidential Election News.


President Obama Wins

President Obama will still be President Obama after winning the 2012 United States Election.  Barack Obama was re-elected by a much wider margin than originally predicted by media outlets across the country, ending with a 303 of the 538 total electoral votes.  The 2012 Presidential Election was watched by the world, and while the Democrats clearly consider this victory to substantial, we still face a bi-partisan government where it may be difficult to implement key changes to keep the economy moving in the right direction.  Barack Obama will continue to fight for his country as commander-in-chief, and hopes to continue helping the economy recover in his second term as President.

Barack Obama wins the 2012 Election

While the electoral voting ended up heavily favoring Barack Obama in the Presidential Election, the popular vote remained close to the very end.  Obama won the popular vote by just over 2 million ballots, which is still extremely close when considering that 117 million voters turned out this year.  Voter turnout was heavily effected by those displaced from Hurricane Sandy’s destruction during the previous weekend, but still remained around the projected numbers.  While the majority vote did jive with the electoral college’s decision to re-elect Barack Obama, half of the country woke up after Election Day 2012 being very disappointed with the results.

Is a Split Country Damaging?

With the voter results proving that half the country hoped that Mitt Romney would defeat the Obama administration, having a divided country could be damaging over the next four years.  The senate is controlled by Democrats and the House by Republicans, but neither leans heavily in either direction.  Passing new laws and reforms in such atmosphere can take a long time, if ever.

President Obama’s Election Win is just one more hurdle during his time in office, and as his administration moves forward, they remain hopeful that they will be able to make strides in domestic and foreign affairs.  Republicans across the nation are disappointed that Romney did not with the election, but many still stand behind Obama now that he has been re-elected.

What will Happen in 2016?

This blog will not shut down for the next four years.  Instead, we intend to continue to bring you news and updates on Obama’s second term in the White House, and keep you informed with the latest political changes throughout the years.  Joe Biden has already hinted that he will run for the Presidential seat in 2016, and the Republican party will surely campaign hard in an attempt to regain the White House as well.  Please check back often, and thank you for voting online for President during the 2012 election race.