2016 Presidential Race

On November 8th, 2016, the citizens of America will be heading to the polls to vote for the 45th United States President. During the course of the year, candidates running for the Democratic and Republican parties will be campaigning hard to sway the popular vote in their favor. With the goal of reaching as many potential voters as possible, the contenders will use a multi-pronged approach, including television and in-print advertising, campaign stops around the country, scheduled debates, interviews with political analysts, social media, and more.

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Now that the candidate field has been narrowed down to two primary candidates – Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, the 2016 race for the Presidential Election is really heating up. Voters will be watching the candidate’s every move from now until casting their ballots, and if the political experts are right – this is going to be the most exciting Presidential Election season ever.

Vote Online in Presidential Polls

We’re constantly hearing about current presidential polling numbers telling voters which candidates are winning the race for President.  These figures vary by state, and are often highly influential on the actual outcome of elections.  Polling participants are often highly politically active citizens that really only represent a small portion of the voting population.

Vote online in Presidential Polls here on our site!  We offer a mock  poll that allows anyone to vote for the President online, regardless of age, race, criminal history or citizenship. Thousands have already voted – cast your vote for the President online and see who is currently winning in our poll now!

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