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2016 Presidential race

Barack Hussein Obama will retain his Presidential office for another four years after winning the 2012 Election, but we continue to look forward to see what the future may have in store for the United States. The recent election was tight up until the very end, coming down to key swing states and a small poll of electoral votes. There is no doubt that the Republican party is already trying to determine who they should nominate as their Presidential candidate in 2016 – but who will run for the GOP in four years?

There is already strong speculation about who will run for President in 2016, for both the democratic and republican parties.  While we are still years away from official nominations at the national conventions, both sides are already working on putting the best candidate forth in the next election.  Republican President George W. Bush served eight years from 2000 to 2008, and Democrat Obama will hold the office from 2008 until 2016.  Many names are already being tossed around for the 2016 election, but you shouldn’t expect to see any official announcements for quite a while.

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Blue or red? You predict it!

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Clinton leads Walker by double digits in Wisconsin poll

A new poll from Marquette Law School shows Hillary Clinton well in front of five prospective Republican 2016 opponents, including a 12% lead over that state’s governor, Scott Walker.

Republican Primary: Governor Walker is dominant here, preferred by 40% of Republicans (and those leaning Republican) polled. Rand Paul was second with 10% and Jeb Bush third with 8%.

Democratic Primary: Hillary Clinton received 58% of the Democratic (and leaning Democratic) vote, with Elizabeth Warren at 14% and Joe Biden at 12%.

General Election: Clinton’s lead ranges from 8% over Rand Paul to 16% over Ted Cruz. Her lead is 11% over Jeb Bush and 12% over Marco Rubio and Walker. Interestingly, Walker received exactly 40% support in both the primary and general election surveys. The initial NBC 2016 Electoral Map* (from late 2014) shows Wisconsin as a possible battleground state, although this poll and one taken last month don’t support that idea. Wisconsin last voted Republican in the 1984 Reagan landslide; Obama won the state by 7% in 2012.