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2016 Presidential race

On November 8, 2016, the citizens of America will be heading to the polls to vote for the 45th United States President. In the upcoming year, candidates running for the Democratic, Republican and Libertarian parties will be working hard to sway the vote in their favor. With the goal of reaching as many potential voters as possible, the contenders will use a multi-pronged approach, including television and in-print advertising, campaign stops around the country, scheduled debates, interviews with political analysts, social media, and more.

Before the Presidential race officially begins, each party must endorse a single candidate to represent their interests. The official announcements will be made at each party’s convention. The Libertarian National Convention will be held in May, 2016 and the Democratic and Republican National Conventions are scheduled for July, 2016. Though these dates are still months away, several front runners have already been identified.

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Clinton leads democrats in current poll

Hillary Rodham Clinton, a member of the Democratic Party, announced her intention to run for President on April 12, 2015. A graduate of Wellesley College and Yale Law School, Ms. Clinton has dedicated her life to public service. Her career highlights include a stint at the Children’s Defense Fund, serving on the Congressional Committee investigating President Nixon, and co-founding Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. During the two terms in which she served as the First Lady of the United States, she helped to create the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provides healthcare to over 8 million children.

Since her husband’s time in the White House, Ms. Clinton has continued to be active in politics, holding the offices of United States Senator from the state of New York and Secretary of State under President Barack Obama. This election will be her second time running for President of the United States.