Presidential Debate

Presidential Debate Info – Everything You Need to Know

The first of three presidential debates will air on several major TV stations tonight, and millions of Americans are expected to tune in.  What time does the presidential debate start?  Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will start their debate at 9 PM Eastern Time, and will take place at the University of Denver in Colorado.  The moderator for the first debate will be Jim Lehrer, the host of PBS’s political show, NewsHour.  Many political experts are suggesting a very exciting first debate, as the latest Presidential Polls show that the two candidates are tied with just one month until the election.

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Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney Presidential Debate

Presidential Debates help undecided voters determine who they should cast their ballot for on Election Day; while those who have already made up their mind use comments from the event in their arguments with friends and family members.  The televised event will be one of the most widely watched in 2012.  Many anticipate that Romney and Obama will not hold back attacking each other’s policies and standpoints.

What Topics will be Discussed during the Debate?

The main topic that will be discussed during the first Presidential Debate tonight will be Domestic Policy.  The debate will be split up into six fifteen minute segments focusing on Health Care, the Economy, Rule of Government in America and Governing.  These are important topics for the candidates to potentially win over voters for the 2012 election and take a slight lead in the current poll standings.

This first of three presidential debates probably won’t be the deciding factor in who will win the 2012 election, but will surely give voters a better idea of where each candidate stands.  Neither candidate wants to lose any ground or come off too aggressive, so you can expect both Obama and Romney to stand their ground during the debate.

What will Mitt Romney say during the Debate?

The fact that the latest presidential polls are tied is a near miracle for Republican Mitt Romney.  His recent comments have landed him in hot water with voters, and he has made several speaking mistakes during his campaign.  The Presidential hopeful will have to be careful not to make any more of these mistakes in tonight’s Presidential Debate if he wants to stay in the running for the election.

Recent reports say that Mitt Romney is still poised to win 27% of the Latino vote despite his comments which were considered to be racist by many.  His all-white, Mormon background doesn’t leave much room for him to lose any more of the minority vote in the 2012 election, especially considering that he doesn’t have much time left.  Some 40% of the voting population is expected to vote before Election Day on Tuesday, November 6th, meaning that the candidates need to win over voters sooner than later.

What to Expect from Obama Tonight

Barack Obama has led the Presidential Polls at several different points during the campaign, but has recently slipped in the standings.  Many political experts are suggesting that Obama will do his best to attack the already weak aspects of Romney’s campaign, such as his off the cuff remarks and being out of touch with the American population.  Barack is expected to focus on his economic recovery plan that is already in the works, while discounting Romney’s big business background.

Voting Online for the President

Our free mock online presidential poll, where you can Picture of "I Voted" Stickerparticipate by voting online for the President is up and running.  We expect to see a great deal of debate viewers visit our poll during the television broadcast to show who they think should win the 2012 election, based on the comments they hear from the candidates.  We hope that you too will vote online for the President, and help give the world a clear picture of who will win the 2012 election!

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